Saturday, June 26, 2010


With all due respect to Carly Simon, her catchy tune filters through my mind. Why? Because soon I will be experiencing a life changing event. Three days from now I will be conked out in the operating room at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn. I’ve only had one surgery in my very fortunate life and that was a tonsillectomy in 1956.

But now my left knee is out of order for good and a shiny new titanium one will be inserted by the skillful Dr. Stuart Kozinn. This boggles the mind and at the same time inspires hope for jumping jacks, taebo, bicycling and climbing Camelback Mountain. I have missed out on so many things the past few years in an effort to avoid the inevitable: going under the knife.

I won’t be ready to rumba or rumble right out of the shoot. In fact, the doctor tells me I’ll be in significant pain for the first two weeks even though they will have me up and walking shortly after surgery. Then it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before I am ready to head back to work and resume some normalcy of life.

This all means I will have plenty of time to contemplate the cosmos, read all those magazine articles that have been piling up by my bed, watch movies I’ve missed and blog about life. Will you join me? If not, I just may kick you in the ass utilizing my new and improved knee.

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  1. Jan -- I wish you well and a speedy recovery. You'll be dancing in no time! Let me know if you need anything.